The stories and writings here are of this lovely existence that is life. Not always necessarily happy or that induce an immediate reaction of gratitude, but many that require thought and reflection. I think kindness is of paramount importance. I’m not religious but I do count myself as spiritual. I think science is brilliant and that our natural world is something to revere. I believe that the way we raise our children will greatly impact this world we live in, so while none of us is a perfect parent, we should strive to do it with love and intention, to be mindful of the example we are setting and not only the lessons we want to teach our children, but the lessons we are learning from them. I adore coincidence. I believe life is wonderful and terrible all at the same time, but that there is beauty and hope around every corner. I think this existence I am so blessed to be a part of is, is lovely indeed.

More personal details: I am 32. I became a mother at the age of 19. My partner (we aren’t officially married) and I have 2 daughters together. I am a student, a full time mom, I work part time, and I home-school my youngest daughter. I am the second oldest of 5 kids. I grew up dirt poor, but mostly happy. My partner is a recovering addict/alcoholic. This is part of the reason we spent 3 years apart. He has been to rehab but still struggles. Despite this, I love him.


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