Service in September

I just thought I’d update on my last 2 service “projects” if you can call them that. Some of you may know that at the beginning of the year, I chose the word service to focus on. This meant service to others. And I started off very strong, participating in a lot of volunteer opportunities. I got a little burnt out and needed a bit of a break, but this September I focused on giving back in 2 days.

In September, in schools all around our country, children take part in the Terry Fox Run. Terry Fox was a true Canadian hero, doing much for cancer research and to raise awareness. If you don’t know who he is, please look him up. Since my girls are homeschooled, we looked for an opportunity to participate in the Terry Fox run that wasn’t school based. We found out that a run was taking place in our community and so we happily signed up. We only raised $230, but every bit helps and considering that I only posted my request for sponsors on Facebook, we I don’t think we did too bad. We are planning to join again next year and to hopefully encourage other homeschool families to participate as well, so that we can have a team.

On September 6th, the day before my birthday, I gave blood for the first time. I decided that because overall I was very healthy and happy, that I should really give a gift to this world in celebration. Sean ended up coming with me too, even though we wasn’t signed up, and now we are blood donors. The process was easy enough and we’ve already signed up to donate blood again in November. My youngest brother actually needed a blood transfusion when he was born, so doing this felt right. Almost like a repayment for the gift of life he received so early on, because without that transfusion, he may have died.

I don’t know what the rest of the year may hold for service projects, as we have become very busy with our fall schedules, but these 2 activities were particularly meaningful to me.


2 thoughts on “Service in September

  1. That’s so fantastic that you’re giving back! I work at a non-profit in the US in blood services, and giving blood is such an important thing that do few people take the time to do. How often do we really get the chance to save a life with just an hour of our time?

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