I’ve Got it Bad

I’ve got it bad for my husband.

I took this gorgeous black and white photo of him a few years ago when we were on the verge of getting back together officially. And I use it in his contact info on my phone, so whenever he calls, the photo comes up on my screen. I frequently make him wait before I answer the call because I’m busy looking at the photo and thinking about how incredibly sexy he is.

And then I hear his tired voice. He works so hard for our family, getting up at 4:30 in the morning, finishing his shift at 6:30 pm and then after he eats dinner and showers, he calls us to see our day was before crashing into bed hard, sometime around 9 pm. 9 days away from home, so he can spend 5 solid days with us, his family. The sacrifice he makes to support our family and give us good amount of quality time together is remarkable. We appreciate it so much.

I don’t just find him physically attractive after all this time, I find him even more attractive with his greying chest hair and his laugh lines. His sense of humour has grown on me, or perhaps he just better understands what I find funny, but he makes me laugh SO much. He is safety with his arms open wide, allowing me to sink into in my worst, darkest place when need be. He is my biggest fan and me his.

When I think about my husband. I smile. I glow. I feel at home to be exactly who I am.

I’ve got it bad. Who wouldn’t?


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