Chickadee eating out of hand.


Last Thursday my family went with a group of friends to walk the trails and enjoy the beauty that is our outside world. We brought along sunflower seeds to feed the chickadees, as they are known in this particular park to eat out of your hands, and I know from reading that they particularly like sunflower seeds. It was a beautiful day and much of it, our family spend chatting with each other and exploring the wooded area. Finally as we made our way back to the beginning where the vehicles were parked, I decided to put my camera away and try my hand at feeding the birds, while Sean waited patiently to snap a photo. Having the birds eat out of your hands is an odd sensation. Their little feet on my finger, reminded me so much of when I’ve been in a butterfly house and the butterflies land on you. The feeling of their little feet is the same. The chickadees would come and get a seed to eat and then flit off, before coming back and doing the same once again. It was an amazing experience that I am eager to repeat. The experience left me awestruck, falling in love with our world once again.


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