Tonight was book club. Which I love, whether I participate much or not.

There was a point when someone said something though and my first reaction was indignation. Actually a couple times this happened.

Of course, I misunderstood what was being said anyway, or I didn’t take the time to ask clarifying questions before butting in with an opinion that was probably too harsh. So then I just kind of looked like an ass.

But it was a great reminder for me that I do best when I have time to listen and process the conversation. That occasionally I can be witty (though often I’m probably the only one who thinks my humour is actually humour) and I do have things of value and substance to add to the conversation (I’m pretty sure of this), but that if I try to rush into it, it will probably just end up being uncomfortable for me. That is to say that other people have probably gotten over it quickly and not paid it much attention, but I will be fixated on it for the next few days.

So there are two reminders for me tonight. The first is that I should remember that I do have good listening skills and my conversations are the most fulfilling when I put those skills to good use. The second, is that once I’ve apologized or made amends (if need be) or the moment has passed and no one else is worried about it, I need to let it go.


And enjoy book club again next month and the wonderful women that are a part of it. Each one of us sharing our stories, experiences, perceptions, and opinions.


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