Lucky 13

Yesterday, on the 19th, my K-Girl moved into the realm of teenager with her 13th birthday.

Wow. it’s hard to believe.

This kid of mine, has made me so proud, by being precisely who she is. I could never have imagined that I would be so privileged as to be a part of such a special person’s life. And even better, I get to be her mother.We spent the day being indulgent. I took her to a makeup store so she could learn how to put on some basic makeup (I’m not well versed in the subject) and we bought her some items. We went to the Lego store (probably more of a treat for her little sister, R) and each made a mini figure. Then we enjoyed lunch out before making our way to the cheap theatre so watch the animated film Epic. She signed up for a Facebook account, because we agreed a few years ago that we would adhere to the Facebook age guidelines, which states 13 to be able to join.We had such a lovely day together and all of us fell into bed exhausted and content.I am excited and eager to see what this next year of life brings for my K-Girl.


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