New Friends

Last week, my children and I went over to the home of a new friend. Another mutual friend also joined us and it was brilliant. I know both of these ladies through my book club and the homeschooling community. I have been wanting to get to know them a little better and they each have a child of 12 years and then one woman has 2 younger daughters, and the other a younger son. We’ve been looking for some new connections, some deeper connections, for a variety of reasons, but I have to say that the afternoon we spent with them was absolutely brilliant.

7 children, played happily, peacefully, and cooperatively for 4 hours together. No one said they were bored. No one asked to get on a gaming system or play on their phone. No one asked when we were going  home. And while the children played, mostly in the backyard, us 3 moms sat in the kitchen drinking water and tea and chatting about our personal lives.

And then last night, a couple of families we know brought their children over and we had a fire and watched the meteor shower that was going on. Our guests stayed until sometime around midnight.

I’ve been needing more family connections. And since I’ve been putting myself out there and making it known that I need some of these connections (because the ones we have right now aren’t quite working for whatever reasons), I’ve been happy with the response and the willingness on the part of some new people to see where it all might lead. There is willingness to put in the effort, which I appreciate.

Today I’m thankful for new friends.


2 thoughts on “New Friends

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed our afternoon! And looking forward to these times happening more often. I LOVED how well all the kids played together. Simply amazing that 7 kids ranging in age from 13-3 could all hang out in the back yard and manage to have fun. Actually it isn’t really amazing… it’s the way it should be, and I’m so happy it was ;)

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