Last week, my K-Girl left for 5 days of camp. It was the first time she had been away for so long. It was the first time she has really put herself out there, so extremely vulnerable to so many others. And she WAS vulnerable. She follows in my footsteps with the extreme homesick feelings. She wanted to come home after the first day. I’m proud of her though, for sticking it out, despite the terrible food. She discovered a love of a couple new things that i would’ve never guess. Those things were canoeing and archery.

Anyway, I was a bit of an emotional mess when she came back home. I had missed her terribly but am sure I embarrass my children when I cry as often as I do, so I try to keep it in check. A couple weeks before K went to camp, she had mentioned that she wanted to watch the TV series Glee. So I promptly put that series on hold via the library and waited for it to come in.

Now, we don’t have cable nor do we have Netflix. We’ve been living without television (that’s not to say without A television, but rather television programming) for about 10 years now. And when people say they don’t watch TV, they usually do watch TV, just via their Netflix or other account they download it from. Which to be fair, I had seen the the random show here and there via downloads, but I hadn’t actually followed any show since Weeds, which was pretty cool since it was only a short summer show, and I had stopped following that about 3 years ago. My children hadn’t EVER followed a TV show.

Anyway, I figured, well Glee can’t be too bad and I’ll watch it with her. Whatever comes up, we’ll chat about it and all will be good.

I admit that I was easily swayed by music, singing, and dancing. I love theatre. I love performance. I love music.

And while I watch this with her… We are on the 6th episode, we laugh and we cringe. We cover our eyes or mouths to stifle grins or embarrassment or even shock. We sing along. Okay mostly I sing along and K tries to keep up. Glee has a lot of old school or really popular music and there doesn’t seem to be a cool indie in between (which is what she’d get from me). ;) lol.

It’s funny though. The music and watching it with my oldest kid, well it makes me emotional. And then I think about this Cory kid (who really isn’t a kid but only a couple of years younger than I), who is the star of the show, and Canadian, and who recently passed away. And his character totally rocks. He’s just really down to earth and he had addiction issues in real life (totally able to relate). And I find myself tearing up while we watch this show together. I let my K-Girl know straight off that he died very recently and that it was likely a result of drug abuse, as that’s a hard life to get out of.

I’m not going to say it’s brilliant ground breaking television. I have no idea. I’m not familiar enough with TV to know if that’s true or not. But I know that while my K-Girl and I watch this show together, it’s this weird sort of bonding that I’ve never experienced as a result of TV. But I’m grateful regardless and becomes this sort of “it’s only her and I watching” to the exclusion of her little sister and her dad (who we share pretty much everything with)  which just gives us this something for ourselves.

We bond.

And I am grateful.


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