Gratitude / Reflection

Around the Pond

Our Pond This is a photo of our pond this evening. I love exploring around the pond because there is so much wildlife to experience around it. Lucky for me, my girls share the same enthusiasm.

The frogs don’t seem to quiet unless we get too close, so today we hung around the edge of the pond with a pair of binoculars. My goodness, they are huge! We were so excited to get such a good view of them.

Ducks and geese come and go, the pond is teeming with insects. As we continue with the nice weather and the cattails come back, we will soon see the red winged blackbirds that I adore.

We’ve also been spotting a rodent at the pond, who likes to hang out on the old falling apart dock, but always seems to jump on in before we get a good look. Tonight though, we were pretty sure that we could identify it as a muskrat. This is all very exciting to us!

The best bit of wildlife we saw near the pond though was yesterday, when a moose came a traveling by. A moose!! How great is that? Our R was jumping on the trampoline and the moose came from the pond area and jumped/walked over the fence into the penned area (over by the red barn there on the left). She became very excited, ran inside to get us and we all flew out to the back deck. We were able to catch the moose leaving via our neighbours yard.

The pond is an area that I walk by almost every day, not because it’s on the way to anything I need to get to, but because there’s always interesting sights and sounds. The pond is one of my favourite parts of our 3 acres and this experience of rural living… There’s such a beautiful dynamic to pond life. To the existence within it. I feel privileged to witness it.


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