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Late Night Nostalgia

Sunset in Northern AlbertaIt’s one of those nights where I’m afflicted with late night nostalgia. Evening really is my *thinking* time. It’s generally when I’m most creative and have my best ideas, but being a night owl doesn’t always work with having a family… Even if you are a home schooling family. And to be honest, although I’m not a morning person, I do love the morning in the country. The sunrise and the birds etc. So I do try to get up at a respectable hour.

Despite being much more of a night owl than a morning person, I have been asleep pretty early these past few months. I’ve simply been exhausted for much of the time. So not being able to sleep tonight… Well, it is a bit odd.

Tonight as I feel the cool breeze from my open bedroom window, I am having these thoughts of driving in the evening time with my family. Not my family now, but my family when I was a child. So driving along at night time in a car, with music. Always with music. And I have so many fragments of memories from childhood, that I’m not always sure if they are actually real memories or bits of stories or even things that I’ve just dreamed up in my life. But for whatever reason it feels like we did a lot of driving around. I’m not sure if this is true or not, or what quantifies “a lot”, but I’ll have to verify with my parents…

It’s not even just nostalgia for my childhood though, but for all of my past experiences. It’s funny how the saying goes, “hindsight is 20/20” yet in my experience people tend to remember so many things from the past with rose colored glasses. Everything was simpler or better or easier in the “good old days.”

Nostalgia though, tends to take on a melancholic nature for me, but I still enjoy it because I find it very reflective. Which means I always learn something about myself.

So here’s to a late Friday night/ early Saturday morning of not sleeping, immersed in nostalgic reflection.

Let the memories flood you with emotion and (re)discovery.


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