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Easter eggs with personality

Easter eggs with personality

It was an odd Easter today. One of our pet degus died. Which made me really sad to be honest. I had a good cry about it. There’s still too much snow here and the ground is still too frozen to be able to do a burial, so basically we have her saved in our freezer so that we can either bury her or cremate her when A) Sean is home and B) It’s a little nicer outside.

That being said, the signs of spring are everywhere out there. I walked outside without the need for a proper jacket, and I could hear it and see it all around me. My chickens in the back and the rooster next door. The chickadees out in full force, a magpie flying with a twig in its beak, materials to ready a nest. And the sound of melting… the water dripping off of everything, puddles on the sidewalk (and in the garage!), the need for rubber boots instead of winter ones. Although out behind our housIMG_2489e the snow is still as deep as my knees, there is a patch in the front that leads to our water tank where we can see the grass. We even started seeds just last weekend and they are looking fantastic.

Spring takes it a bit to make an appearance, but it is so appreciated when it finally shows up.

So the things I noticed in life today were really very fitting for Easter. There was this theme of death. The worries that crop up within not only my children but myself when something like this happens. We discuss the cycle of life. The importance of really living. The unknown IMG_2492and how scary that can seemingly be. And yet, at the same time there was this sense of new beginnings and renewal.

This Easter I was reflective. I didn’t merely sit and enjoy the beauty that is children in the midst of celebration. Yes I got to do that, and enjoy the awesomeness that is a transitioning season, but I also got to experience sadness and sorrow mixed with that joy and reverence.

This life is a beautiful and delicate balance.


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    • Degus (plural), degu (singular); basically a South American rat. They are way cuter than rats though, very sociable, and have great little personalities. In fact, it is recommended that you always have at least two as they require companionship. We got ours from someone on Kijiji who didn’t have the time to care for them… They aren’t typically sold in the pet shops here. So we are on the lookout for another to be a companion to our remaining one.

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