The Focus on Me

The last couple of weeks, I’ve really needed to look inward. My word this year has been service, and I’ve been doing great with that, but I have been having these days where I feel like I’m coming down with something, a minor cold or what have you. Nothing fully developed (I’ve been really quite healthy this past winter) and I realized it’s just my body saying, “take time to take care of yourself.” I can’t serve anyone else if I’m not taking care of myself first.

So this last couple of weeks, I’ve needed to think about what I can and can’t manage. I’ve said no or opted out of a couple of things that would just take up too much time and energy with the other things going on in my life. I’ve gone to Al-Anon twice now and plan to make it a weekly thing. I’ve started exercising again (which is a huge natural mood booster – great for mind, body, and soul). I went to a concert on the weekend, listened to my amazing friend speak, joined a book club and went to the first meeting, reduced my hours at work, booked a flight to Victoria for the end of May, etc.

All of this has been precisely what I’ve needed. I don’t feel guilty or selfish because I know it’s true that if I’m not taking care of myself first, I won’t be able to help take care of those other people who need me. My children, my family, my friends.

So the focus has been on me. And it feels good.


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