Parenting / Reflection

Tuesday Night

At one point in my life, I would have been annoyed with the child out of bed at 10:15 pm, headphones on (listening to an audio book) and come to find a pencil sharpener (presumably to prepare a pencil to create great works of art on the sketchpad she keeps in bed)… Yet these days, I see that child at 10:15, and I welcome that interruption, watching her do what she is compelled to do, and her need to come over and hug me once she notices that I’ve noticed her and no she’s not in any sort of trouble. I respect that she cannot sleep on command, nor can she deny her need to create art (even if it is past her bedtime), or listen to a story, or hug her mother. This is what being a mother is to me. This situation won’t be here 10 years from now. Not in the same way, not in the same context. I refuse to let these smallest most beautiful moments pass us by without proper recognition and reflection. This is what makes me happy.


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