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Positivity Board

Tonight my daughters and I created a positivity board. It’s pretty simple – just different ripped pieces of paper glued onto another bigger piece of poster board, with fun stickers, words, and a few quotes, on top for good measure. We threw some Modge Podge on top so everything wouldn’t fall off, and it would also have a shine to it. It hangs on our kitchen wall and is a visual reminder for us of those people who need positive energy sent their way, or those who we are just thinking of extra or want to send well wishes too. We intend to just cut small slips of paper with the person’s name on it that we want to filter our good energy to. The first person who went onto the board is the girls’ cousin Miss P. We’ve already added a few more people and will continue to add on a regular basis. This was a beautiful way to spend our Sunday evening together.

Positivity Board


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