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Hearts On Our Sleeves

Tonight I posted on Facebook:

” Yesterday for Valentine’s Day, my K-girl gave my R an amazing gift. She cut out all these beautiful inspirational words and quotes meant for scrapbooking, and put them into an unassuming jar for R. K told her that the messages in the jar are what she thinks of her or things that remind K of her. R was so completely touched by this gift and loved it… Hearts are proudly worn upon sleeves in this house. ♥”

And the thing is, hearts ARE worn on our sleeves around here. With others, we may be guarded at times, unsure, skeptical, etc. But here, in our home, amongst the four of us, even despite everything we’ve been through… We just lay it out there.

I love you to infinity and back. I don’t want to walk this Earth with anyone else by my side. I will follow you into the dark (okay that’s a line from a song, but the sentiment is how I feel).

These 3 amazing souls fill my days with light and good and wonderment. They are a source of happiness and beauty. My life would not be as meaningful without them in it. And we ALL express such sentiments about each other. It is part of why I know I live such a lovely existence.


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