Last night, I volunteered to do a 50/50 draw at the hockey game in support of Santa’s Anonymous. We had a bit of training as the 50/50 draw at an NHL game is no longer this old school method of tearing off tickets from the roll you have in your hand. They also no longer cost a dollar or two. You can buy 1 for $5, 3 for $10, or 10 for $20. And people bought them. All night long. We wore these electronic devices on our wrists where we input the amount purchased. We then confirmed the purchase by clicking on the “paid” button. And then, voila, out comes the ticket from a printer you are wearing on our side. 1 slip of paper with the ticket numbers printed on it.

I worked my butt off. I was on the bottom level, with 4 other women, but I tended to stay on the opposite end of them so as to maximize my potential sales. I figured out through my machine (because you can see how many tickets you’ve sold) that I sold about 1750 tickets. Not bad. The winning ticket was worth $63,000. Yup, that comma is in the right spot. I can’t even imagine winning that. I’d be happy if I won $50 in a 50/50 draw!

There were multiple half drunk men promise me a portion of their winnings should they happen to have the lucky ticket. It was tiring, being on my feet all night and wearing the bib full of money and electronic devices. People were especially happy to support Santa’s Anonymous and I got to interact, admittedly very briefly, with a huge range of people. I would do it again for sure, but I would hope that I could get a friend to come volunteer their time alongside me.

After I was finished, I had to walk to where my car was parked. Further than I would’ve liked, and not in the best part of town. I used to actually go to high school over there, and it hasn’t been a “great” part of town for as long as I can remember. I turned off the main street and headed down into the residential area when I noticed someone coming my way on the sidewalk up ahead. I also noticed that they had a dog with them, a very large one, and it didn’t look like it was on a leash. I’m not entirely comfortable around dogs, especially not big ones though, and so I immediately found the closest break between vehicles and crossed to the other side of the street. I looked around, didn’t see the person anymore, and then continued on my way. Then I saw this person and dog stopped, and then they crossed the street to the same side I was at. I stopped again. And they stopped at the end of the street, still on the side I had just crossed to. I felt really uncomfortable so I turned around and started walking back the way I came at a quick pace (I walk pretty quickly normally anyway). I stopped, turned around to have a look, and the person was still there standing around. So I went to the nearest gas station and decided to call a cab to take me to my car.

Although I have an overactive imagination, I’m not generally skittish about walking around in the evening or worried much about “bad” things happening to me. But in this case, I just had a gut feeling, a very uncomfortable feeling, and I knew I needed to listen to that.

Despite the bit of creepiness, I had a good night overall, and am feeling very positive about my volunteer efforts. :)


2 thoughts on “50/50

  1. I hate walking alone at night, too. It’s always better to be safe and take that cab if you feel like you need it.
    Also, congrats on selling all those for Santa’s Anonymous! What an awesome thing to do! :-)

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