In Awe, Once Again

I was doing some work this evening, website maintenance, and my oldest daughter K-Girl came to chat with me a few minutes before she got into bed. I can’t, to be honest, even tell you what she was chatting about, because I was struck by that moment, looking at her and listening to her voice.

Although she goes to a new school this year, she has made friends, and is developing a lovely little social life, while still maintaining strong ties with us. She understands the importance of family, but she is willing to put herself out there, to be her social self, and to take what the world has to offer. I pondered this today, after I dropped her off to go swimming with a friend, her own existence together with and separate from us.

I watched her this evening, with open eyes and love in my heart.

She was once this tiny little being that I carried in me. She was once this tiny little being that required me and her dad to meet her every need. And now here she stands before me, this beautiful young woman.

Kind. Imaginative. Thoughtful. Inquisitive. Intelligent. Forgiving. Giving. Innocent. Sweet…. On and on and on.

And I am in awe once again, that I get to be a part of it.


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