Life / Reflection

A New Year

Well. Here we are in a new year. My New Year’s toast went like this:

2012 was a year of very intense highs & lows for my family. We experienced the depths of every emotion – love, joy, excitement, possibility, triumph, loss, tragedy, despair, disappointment.. And so much more. We hope that 2013 gives us a bit of a reprieve on the negatives, while we continue to fully embrace what the Universe offers us. Best wishes for all we know, knew, & have yet to know in this new year of life. Much love & positivity from our family to you.

But the start of a new year doesn’t necessarily feel like a fresh start to me. Maybe it’s because here we are in the middle of winter, which at times feels unyielding and relentless. It is beautiful to look at, but it’s so darn cold at times. And I know that we still have at least 3 full months of it, but it can and often does extend 1 or 2 months past that. That’s a long time for winter to stick around. For me, it is the spring and fall that feel much more like the natural times of year when we are to start anew.

Despite this, I will begin focusing on my 2013 word, service. I have enquired with a few places already, asking about some opportunities to help out, and I will take it one day at a time, doing what I can, in whatever way I can.

My family has decided to try their hand at picking a word to focus on for the year too. Sean’s is appreciate. K-Girl’s is calm. R hasn’t picked one yet.

If anyone else in Canada is looking for volunteer opportunities, there are many listed on (my apologies the link button is not working)

I really believe that doing for others is as much a gift to yourself as it is to them.


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