Every Single Day

Today I write with a heavy heart, but also with passionate intent.

The horrific events in Connecticut today prompted many to resolve to hold their children a little bit more this weekend. And I really hope you do. When I picked my K-girl up from school this afternoon, she got into the car and I immediately hugged her tightly and started sobbing, which is not typically how I greet my daughter after her day at school. However, considering the gravity of these attacks on the most innocent and vulnerable, the most precious of all human beings, certainly a much more emotional encounter was warranted rather  than our typical smiles and exchanges about the day.

The events that unfolded are shocking, tragic, heinous, horrendous, baffling, sickening, horrific, devastating… I can go on and on and on. This evening I have wept uncontrollably at the loss of these lives, at the pain these families are experiencing. I wept at the cruelty that is humanity in so many aspects. I wept because I don’t want to be a part of a world, a species where things like this happen.

And while I do think it’s important that you do hold your kids a little tighter in times like these… I implore you to not wait for another tragedy to strike to do all the things you should on a daily basis. Today. Now. This precise moment. These are the times to love each other. This applies to everyone that you love and care about, but I’m going to be specific to children at the moment.

Love and respect your children, every single day. Give your children physical affection, every single day. Tell your children you love them, every single day. Laugh with your child, every single day. Love your children for exactly who they are, every single day. Tell your child something you appreciate about them, every single day. Let your child know that your life is better for having the privilege of being their parent, every single day. Make time, just for your child (even just a couple of minutes), every single day. Leave no doubt in your children’s minds that they are the most precious thing in your life, every single day.

I implore you.


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