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Blessed Evening

Tonight has left me speechless, with a lump in my throat, and the tears threatening to come. Tonight is one of those that just makes me so ecstatic to be alive.

We had a very simple dinner this evening. I cooked an elaborate meal yesterday and so this evening was one of those nights that I just didn’t feel like putting in much effort. No worries though, as my girls were appreciative as always. After dinner, my R asked if we could play some more Creationary. So we did. And it was full of silliness and laughter and absurdity. K-girl interjected with some teasing directed at me and it was so great because I can see how her sense of humour is becoming more and more sophisticated. And I love that.

Then those two girls of mine hugged and wrestled and loved each other to death like two puppies. And then they asked if they could play a little bit of Minecraft together and I said, yes, it’s okay. So they cuddled up on our big comfy reading chair together to play this game. All the while they are looking over at what each other is doing, chatting, and bursting into insane fits of giggles and shrieks of laughter. These two, are not only sisters, but friends for life.

I sit here with a a glass of wine, and a few moments ago reading my newspaper while taking in the scene, holiday music on in the background. And I think of how blessed I am. No matter what else is going on in my life, I see how vibrant and adoring these two girls of mine are. They truly appreciate this life, as I think only children really can. And at 9 and 12 they really are still just children because of the way we have done things around here.

And once again, I see how lovely this existence is.


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