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Christmas Wish List

So this year, I asked K-girl what she wanted for Christmas. And I didn’t want to, really, because I know plenty of things that she will enjoy and like. But when it comes to the Santa gift, despite her not being a believer for quite a few years, I want to make sure that my kids get something that they truly want. But when I asked her, she responded, “it feels really greedy to ask for things for Christmas.”

And I was proud. Because I’ve been telling my girls forever that the holiday isn’t about what you get. If someone chooses to give you a gift, that’s great, you appreciate it and thank them, always. Rather though, Christmas is about the family. The togetherness. The celebration of another year past and the promise (or hope) of all the good things to come in the year ahead. It’s about “goodwill toward men.” It’s about being blessed and recognizing that you are.

So, I told her that I just wanted to know one thing, that she’d like Santa to bring her. It was a Monster High thing. I actually am not fond of Monster High and I do this thing with my kids where I refuse to buy them the current craze/trend/in thing, until they show me that it isn’t just a spur of the moment “I want what everyone else has.” And my K-girl, though 12 now, has been into this Monster High stuff for the past 3 years. She saved up her money and bought some second hand dolls from Kijiji and she sews up little clothes for them out of the scraps of fabric we have at home. She decorates her doll house for her Monster High dolls for the holidays, complete with flashing lights and Christmas tree. R quite likes to get into the action too. K’s commitment to her interests is actually inspiring. So she mentioned a specific set that she’d like, and it’s not expensive, $35 is all, but the local Toys R Us doesn’t sell it and the Walmart (even if we did shop there) is all sold out. Luckily I found it on the Sears website, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it comes in on time.

My R has also told me, one thing that she would like Santa to bring (she still believes). Beyond that though, they haven’t made a peep. People have asked me and I’ve given suggestions as to things they are into or might like, but I haven’t really said much specific. Christmas shouldn’t be about “I want, I want, I want.” And I’m so proud and happy that K-girl recognizes that. And that R seems to really get that as well, even if she doesn’t articulate it in the same way.

Those girls of mine, are always reminding me of the good characteristics of human kind.


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