Parenting / Reflection

In Sync

Tonight, our family sat around playing Creationary. It’s a Lego game, where you draw a card and build whatever is pictured for the category you’ve rolled on the dice. We often forgo the rules of the games we are playing to better suit our needs, usually making the games more collaborative and less competitive. Tonight was no exception. We didn’t keep score. We let whoever wanted to build, build. We let people choose out of whatever categories they felt like.

I really suck at building. Like, really really suck at it. But I’m great at guessing. So great, that Sean asked me often if I had read the cards and he implied multiple times that maybe I had been cheating.

But here’s the thing. First, I have a crazy overactive imagination. So it’s not hard for me to see while a person is building the beginning stages of many things. So I blurt out the items that I think their creation looks like. And more often than not, I’ve got it right within 3 guesses, and just as many times I’ve got it right on the first guess. Second, as K-girl put it, “you know how our brains work.” And I love that. My kids realize I’m just completely in sync with who they are, their learning styles, their knowledge, their lives. That I can base a guess as much as what I see in front of me as what I know about who they are.

It was a lovely evening.


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