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What Does It Mean?

I asked Sean a few weeks or so ago, how does science explain coincidence? He asked me what I meant by that as he didn’t think the question was clear enough, and when I explained more of what I meant, he gave me an answer that had to do with statistics and probability etc. I of course mentioned multiple planes/dimensions which led us on whole other tangents and before we knew it was 2 am and we were due to be up at 6:45. The conversation was highly interesting.

Anyway, I was explaining to Sean about how my life is so full of coincidence. Often times I will be reading a book and I will come across something that then pops up in a movie that I will watch the next day, or be brought up in conversation by someone else. When I was at guitar lessons one day, my instructor asked me if I had ever read a specific book by Clive Barker. My reply was that no I hadn’t, but I had actually just put it on hold at the library the night before. When I am thinking of certain people, they tend to call, and when Brian had just passed, I heard Sublime on the radio on an almost daily basis… A band he loved. In fact, when I went out for drinks one evening, Sublime was playing on the radio in my car as I left to travel into town. My friend and I spent a good few hours chatting and Brian came up in that conversation. And when she drove me back to my car and I got in, Sublime was playing yet again on the radio.

Sean hasn’t had the same experience as me, but it may be because he hasn’t been paying much attention. I’m highly sensitive to coincidence, but it might be because I’ve romanticized it on some level.

The other day though, I brought home the movie Creation, from the library. This is a story about Charles Darwin. I tend to gravitate towards films that are either biographical in nature (even if they are still fictionalized) or the romantic comedies. I’m a sucker for romance. Anyway, we watched this film over the course of a couple evenings, as I have a bad habit of falling asleep any time the television is on. In the meantime, I had been reading my children a book for bedtime called Lucky For Good. Last night while reading, we got to a part that was about Charles Darwin, and it touched on many points that had been mentioned in the movie.

And this is what I mean about coincidence. It’s not like I chose the movie about Darwin and then picked up a book knowing Darwin was going to be in it too. Often times I will intentionally make the decision to seek something out, but then it shows up somewhere else in my life. This happens with such regularity for me, I wonder if it happens this often for others as well.

I find it interesting. And my K-girl even said, “it almost makes you think that fate could be a real thing, doesn’t it?”

Whatever the reason, I’ll keep paying attention.


6 thoughts on “Coincidence

  1. Perhaps it is fate that constantly leads you to your destiny. Though, with the “coincidences” happening to you that don’t necessarily seem that relatively important in a broader aspect, everything that happens is I believe, a step toward that destiny and not just a scatter of occasional coincidences. Think of them as signs, the Universe may be telling you something. Or maybe you have a penchant for telling the future haha.

    • You know what’s “funny”? I just read your post “Reality: A Figment of Your Imagination” and then I read it out loud to Sean (my partner). And it is almost identical to a conversation I brought up with him just a few weeks ago. There’s that whole coincidence thing again…

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