Life / Reflection

Why Not?

The other night, we watched a movie together as a family – “We Bought a Zoo.” And while, to be honest, I hate the name of the film (it’s like they just didn’t even bother), I enjoyed the movie a lot. I had a few criticisms, but overall I think it’s a great family film. I cried far too much during it and I laughed out loud. I reacted to what I saw on the screen in a way that was meaningful to me.

In particular, there were 2 instances that stood out. Both involving questions, and both ending with the answer, “why not?”

Sometimes, life demands a little spontaneity, and little less thinking everything through. And when we do this, we often find ourselves in the most beautiful or amazing or unexpected of scenarios by that simple answer of, why not?

And I’ve been thinking of that in the context of my own life. How I could come up with a million reasons against the choices I make every day. The big ones and the small ones. How there are specific aspects in my life that I’m not a risk taker in, and others I do have more of a why not personality. How people can learn a lot about themselves, by answering in a way/putting themselves into a situation that they normally wouldn’t have. How perhaps I need to answer a little more often, why not?


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