Oh Christmas Tree

This evening we set up our holiday/Christmas tree. I refer to it in both ways.

It was quite lovely; This evening. Last year Sean was not here when we put our tree up. It’s been sort of a funny year. With some pretty great highs and some pretty deep lows. We’ve been listening to Christmas music for the past couple of hours and the girls were happy and content to place ornaments on the tree while I tried to take pictures that they really didn’t want to pose for. They still let me take some though and even smiled in some.

Tree decorating always gets us talking of traditions. And our home made decorations conjure up specific moments in time. It is always a night that tugs at my heart strings. Remembering the moments that make up our history. Creating new moments that will get added to that history.

I asked my R to get ready for bed after we were done decorating the tree, and although she didn’t want to, she did without complaint. After she got ready, she came back out to our parlour (we’ve decided to call our living room a parlour as per K’s request) and she lay down on the floor just in front of the tree. She lay propped up on one arm, the other hand touching ornaments gently. I could see that look upon her face. That one that tells me she is in her own little world, reflecting in her own 9 year old mind about things that have happened and things yet to come. The lights shone upon her face faintly, and she looked so contemplative, yet relaxed at the same time. Like it was the most natural thing in the world.

And I just watched her be.

And the moment was perfect.


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