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So, last night I was online, kind of puttering around Facebook, while do other things, when I got a message from someone I don’t know, but who has mutual friends. She deduced that my children (if I had any) had attended a particular school program and asked how I knew another mutual friend, whose children didn’t/don’t attend that program. So we got to talking via Facebook messages and we had had some cross-over and similarities in our experience in this program.

Anyway, turns out she works in a field that is definitely in my future and she knows my neighbour who lives 2 doors down. There were many things that we just seemed really in tune with and she said something alone the lines of, “I believe people come into our lives for a reason.”

I do think it’s funny (interesting not humorous) how things like that work. How you can not know someone, but be drawn to them in a certain way. How yesterday I didn’t know this person at all and by the end of the day I felt a sort of kinship with her because of similar experiences, common values, and an overlap of friends.

There’s another woman that I saw multiple times over the months of June to September of this year. I first saw her on a field trip at the end of last school year, though I’m not clear if she was with our school or not (as a visiting family maybe), or just happened to be at that particular park at the same time. I think I noticed her because she had cute braids and then I noticed she had a very blonde child and another small enough to be in a wrap still. And then this summer while my daughters were in swim lessons, we drove into the city for those. Turns out her young child had swimming lessons after my kids did. Then in September when driving K to her new school, I saw this woman again with her children, and then a couple days later we saw her in Walmart (which I try my hardest to avoid but K needed something specific for a school supply that we were having trouble finding). 4 times in 4 months in 4 different locations. I felt like I should maybe introduce myself as the Universe seemed to be suggesting a meeting. But I thought that might be a tad too crazy. “Hey, I really think the Universe is conspiring in our favour for us to be friends!” I have this sneaking suspicion though that if I do end up introducing myself to her, I will discover that we know some of the same people.

One of my now best friends was drawn to me through online forums and what was probably an awkward first meeting in person (I feel awkward a lot of the time but just pretend in front of others that I don’t). We met in person through another mutual friend of ours. She ended up sparking up some conversation in private messages focused on schooling and education choices and we were both young moms so we had that in common. She moved away and randomly sent me the book, The Time Traveler’s Wife, which quickly became one of my favourites. I thought it was really sweet that she barely knew me but she took the time and effort to send me a gift. When she moved back here we slowly became better friends over a period of time. Today, I couldn’t imagine not having her and her family in my life. I adore her very being and think I am so lucky to have her as such a good friend.

I am realizing what a small world it really is. Something that used to make me wholly uncomfortable has somehow become kind of reassuring. Like, if I just listen to the lessons being offered to me and take the opportunities for growth that are presented, it will be completely worth it. I already know so many lovely people, but there’s always room for more.


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