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Fuck Addiction

Fuck you addiction. Every time I think we’ve moved forward, there you are with your fangs still half way in, waiting patiently, knowing there’s still life left to drain us of.

I am so tired of the hold you have on my family. I am so tired of playing this cruel game in which my children suffer the most. I am emotionally exhausted of the circumstances I am thrust into because you won’t keep your greedy, twisted hands off of my family. I am fed up with the judgements that come to my family because you refuse to relinquish your grip.You are disgusting and terrible. You are evil and cruel.

I fucking hate you.


6 thoughts on “Fuck Addiction

    • Jane. Thank you. Today has been hard. My kids have so much capacity for forgiveness though, it amazes me. We all love that man, despite his struggles. I know he didn’t ask to have them, yet here they are, and because we love him we go through them too. Despite the growing that happens, and yes I believe that the girls will be fine in the end, it is still hard. I appreciate that you took the time to comment. xoxo.

    • Thank you, Cori. There is so much work put in and it all falls apart as a result of one simple action. With consequences that will affect us for years. Is it strength or insanity? I don’t always know. But I do know at his core he truly is a good human being and it’s awfully hard to just give up. Maybe more so because this is round 2.

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