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Thank You for Cooking

It is Important to Say Thank You to Those Who Cook For You

Pasta PrimaveraNot everyone loves cooking. But as parents we are required to feed our children on a daily basis and I think that most of us try to feed our children something that we consider (hope is) healthy. I happened to not mind cooking most of the time, and I think overall I’m a pretty good cook. My family certainly expresses their love for specific items I cook, both my daughters and Sean, and they are always eager to try the new things I make. My siblings, my dad and his partner, and also close friends who I’ve cooked for have also expressed many times how good they thought the meal was.

Often in families though, I’m talking about those who reside in the same home together, certain members come to expect another member to cook and serve a meal as a part of their duties. Perhaps it’s the fact that it becomes an expectation that there is little gratitude shown for the time and effort that has gone into the meal. The time and effort may not have been tremendous, cooking on daily basis isn’t usually on par in time and effort as a big holiday spread, but regardless it still requires some. When you do something day in and day out and no one ever thanks you for it, but really just expects you to do it, a person may become resentful. I’ve seen it, heard the complaints many times, from various people I know, on and offline.

It is important to tell those people who cook for you on a regular basis, thank you. It is important that they believe that you appreciate it. And you should appreciate it. Someone has put in time and effort to nourish you. Someone has taken time and effort away from something else they could be doing, to help take care of your daily needs. Why would you not feel appreciation and gratitude for these actions?

We have been saying thank you in our home since our daughters were very small. Often times now, before anyone has even had a bite, they will say thank you for whatever has been cooked or served. And then while we are eating our meal or snack, they will say something like, “thank you for dinner, it’s really good!” And then occasionally there’s even a third thanks after the meal or snack has been finished. It is instinctive for them, to express their thanks. We have stressed importance that although the person providing the meal, is doing a part of their job as a member of the family, we must never take that for granted.

So when our daughters cook for us, or help us cook, we always make sure to thank them for their efforts too. And when Sean cooks for us, typically a nice big breakfast when he’s home on the occasional weekend, we express a great amount of gratitude to him as well. We say it because we know it’s important, but we also say it because we truly mean it.

It’s a simple gesture, but an important one. Start the habit in your home. Appreciation yields good results.


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