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The Meaning of Dreams

Or of One in Particular Anyway.

A friend of mine on Facebook posted a status today that involved quite an elaborate dream he had. My post has nothing to do with how wild or crazy or intrepid my dreams are. For the most part, they really aren’t. And if they are, Well, I don’t remember much of what I dream anyway. When I do it tends to be more in a sense of feelings rather than details. But this brings me to a dream many of us have had. You know, the one where your teeth are falling out?

I’ve had the teeth falling out dream during different phases in my life. From the time I was a teen until very recently. From my prior reading, I understand that the dream symbolizes changes in ones life and that you are supposed to pay particular attention to the feelings you have while in the dream.

As I reflect on it, I realize that when I had this dream as a teen, it was probably during the the time I was pregnant, at 19. The teeth would just fall out of my mouth and into my hands. My hands would be held out in front of my mouth to catch my teeth. During this dream, I felt very confused and surprised that my teeth were no longer in my mouth, but now in a heap in my hand. I never felt pain in these dreams. Maybe a slight bit of discomfort, but not actual pain. The dominant feeling was definitely that of confusion. This actually makes sense to me, since becoming pregnant at 19 was very confusing. I was in a relatively new relationship and there I was facing the prospect of having a child with someone I hardly knew. Big changes were happening in my life on many levels (physical, emotional, relationship-wise, etc.).

A few years ago when Sean and I were in the process of splitting up, I had the teeth falling out dream again on a regular basis. It continued through a large part of the 3 years we were apart. Much like the dreams I had had before, I held my hands in front of me as my teeth fell out into them. The thing though, is that in these dreams, the teeth falling out was excruciatingly painful. My entire mouth felt sore, like my teeth had been wrenched from their rightful places, and with all the pain, I kept expecting to see a bloody mess accompanying the pile of teeth in my hands. This too, makes sense to me. The break down of our relationship was one of the hardest things I had gone through. There was so much hurt and anger and pain that I felt. Logically it made sense that my unconscious would be trying to work through that pain just as years before it was working through confusion and uncertainty.

Recently, I’ve had the dream yet again. But I can’t remember much about how I felt in it, or precisely when I had it. I do remember thinking after I had dreamed it, that it felt odd that I should be having this dream because there didn’t seem to be anything big going on in my life. So this makes me think I must’ve had it before Brian died, because I probably would’ve attributed some of my feelings to that. I vaguely recall some pain, but nothing excruciating like that of when Sean and I were apart. No real confusion or surprise that I can recall. But I know that I had it at least once, but possibly twice that I remember. I’m waiting to see if I have it again.

I’m full of curiosity. What does my subconscious know that I’m not allowing myself to see while awake? I know the dream must mean something as it always has for me. And “change” might be the overlying theme here. But I haven’t quite figured out yet what that change in my life is.

Dreaming or awake, we perceive only events that have meaning to us.
Jane Roberts


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