Unsettled Mind

Tonight, my mind is a million different places. I’m feeling unsettled. Lacking focus. But I don’t think that is necessarily a bad thing.

I appreciate the haze that sometimes settles over my brain like the early morning fog out in the country where we live. I appreciate the openness that my mind sometimes has. Vast like the Universe. You can try to follow a thought through to completion, but the tangents are just too abundant… There are simply too many possibilities or paths to take and the thoughts can’t help but to take on a life of their own, never really fully being fleshed out.

I’ve had so many amazing experiences lately. And at the same time, so many thoughts to worry my mind. This year. This month. This week. Today. It is a wonder sometimes that I can get anything accomplished. Some days, to be honest, I don’t really. But I truly think there is as much value in those days where you succumb to the inability to do anything as there is in your most productive. They both provide you with lessons and insights into yourself if you just take but a moment to reflect on them.

I’ve been writing and deleting and writing some more. Then deleting yet again. I’ve got a glass of wine and my legs are up on my chair, then down on the ground, then crossed, and then up again. My body movements and actions are reflective of my unsettled mind. Tonight will be one of wild thoughts, I’m sure. Scribbled writings in the notebook kept beside my bed where all my greatest brilliance comes out but will only ever really be shared with myself.

It’s been hard to write much of anything tonight because of the lack of focus. There are SO many things I want to blog about, but I don’t feel like I could do any one particular topic justice with my mind forever wandering over to another. So I’ll leave it at that. And blog next about something that I’m really compelled to share. Which won’t take long, I’m sure.

And in the meantime, I hope that whether your thoughts are a little more settled or as unsettled as my own, you take the time to reflect on them. You owe it to yourself to do this simple act. Reflect.


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