Cotton Candy Sunrise


Four days ago, I woke to this sight. Sunrises have the ability to inspire over and over and over again. The way the sky is transformed for this short period in the day as light slowly creeps across our world… It boggles the mind how the same act can produce such different results each time.

My daughter, K-girl, who is 12, commented on how especially lovely the sunrise was that morning. She said it was like a cotton candy sunrise because of the colours present. The pink and blue hues that we see in that sickly sweet carnival treat conjure up feelings of fake and unnatural for me. Yet, when they are present naturally in the sky, they make me look at it in wonder, and awe, and bewilderment.

How special to share this particular sunrise with my older daughter. To bask in the glory of dawn.

How special that she knows how lucky we are to have the time to sit and enjoy and reflect on the beauty of a sunrise.

What an amazing way to start our day.


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